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Trec L-Carnitine Soft Gel - 120 caps


  • Effective help in weight loss
  • Faster transport and metabolism of fat
  • Well-absorbed gel capsules

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L-CARNITINE SOFTGEL contains very well absorbed liquid L-Carnitine in easily swallowed gel capsules. The substance is of key importance in processing fat into energy, while supplementing L-Carnitine into your diet boosts your energy level and facilitates weight control. L-CARNITINE SOFTGEL accelerates the process of burning fat tissue thus increasing the efficiency of diet and exercises.

L-Carnitine is a safe and effective amino acid like substance that plays a crucial role in fat breakdown and energy production in the human body.

It is needed to form a shuttle system that transports fatty acids into the cell mitochondria to be burned off.

It has been shown to be beneficial for:

-fat loss
-cardiovascular metabolism
-exercise performance

Through the use of L-carnitine sports people can stimulate the reduction of weight.

Softgel Liquid contains the best available form of the active substance in the form of liquid concentrate capsule.