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Trec Caffeine 200 Plus - 60caps


Energy Maximizer!

- Fast and effective stimulation
- Higher energy and endurance levels
- 200 mg ultra-pure caffeine in a single capsule

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Energy Maximizer!

- Fast and effective stimulation
- Higher energy and endurance levels
- 200 mg ultra-pure caffeine in a single capsule

Caffeine 200 PLUS contains ultra-pure anhydrous caffeine and naringenin, which increases the effect of caffeine.
The product stimulates the organism to increased physical and mental activity in an extremely rapid manner. Caffeine not only stimulates the central nervous system, but it also helps to overcome tiredness and workout-related stagnation. This active alkaloid reduces the decomposition of glycogen and increases the metabolism of fat, thus increasing the amount of energy, which is required for truly demanding exercise. The addition of naringenin increases the effect of caffeine and prolongs its activity in the organism.

Caffeine 200 PLUS is an exceptional product which stimulates the whole body to enhanced physical and mental activity. Its formula uses the synergy of action of the highest quality anhydrous caffeine and highly concentrated naringenin originating from standardised extract of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi). The addition of active polyphenols helps maximise caffeine’s potential. This allows Caffeine 200 PLUS to be even more effective in supporting the body during the most intensive exercise. The formula enhances alertness and concentration, eliminates tiredness, and improves motivation for more intensive exercise. Caffeine 200 PLUS is not just a powerful stimulant, but also a product with an exceptionally high energising potential, improving the body’s effectiveness during intensive aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Using Caffeine 200 PLUS contributes to improved exercise potential in athletes practicing power, power and endurance, and endurance disciplines.

Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine) is a xanthine; these are alkaloids, commonly occurring in food. It has been used for many years for its positive stimulating effect, generally by consuming high levels of coffee, tea or cola drinks. Unfortunately their regular use is linked with unpleasant side effects, especially in the digestive system. Natural sources of caffeine frequently contain other components which reduce its absorption and positive effects on the body. We are also forced to consume them in high quantities, since the concentration of the pure alkaloid is usually relatively low. This means we are ingesting high quantities of other substances, often with irritant properties. Only using caffeine in its unbound form guarantees using its full potential without unpleasant side effects. The best and purest form used in supplements is anhydrous caffeine. It is a crystalline and chemically-pure form of caffeine, entirely free from contaminants and additives, which is easily absorbed and results in fast stimulation of the body. Numerous scientific studies with the participation of athletes practicing various sports disciplines indicate that an effective caffeine dose improving exercise potential ranges between 3-6 mg/kg body weight. What’s interesting, even an analogous amount of this alkaloid in popular drinks (such as coffee) is less effective than the pure form. That’s why Caffeine 200 PLUS contains 200 mg of the highest quality caffeine in a completely anhydrous form. The formula has been supplemented with naringenin to mobilise the power of your body and provide you with maximum motivation for exercise.

Anhydrous caffeine is instantly captured in the digestive system and delivered to the nervous system through the bloodstream. It then penetrates the blood/brain barrier and due to its structural similarity to adenosine it binds to specific receptors on cellular membranes of nerve cells, blocking them permanently. Since adenosine transfers fatigue signals in the brain, caffeine blocks those signals and eliminates the first symptoms of tiredness. By taking pure anhydrous caffeine before training you can increase your motivation and delay physical and mental exhaustion that makes it difficult to continue. Caffeine enhances the secretion of epinephrine (adrenalin) which stimulates the circulatory and respiratory systems and muscles to more intensive and efficient work. The hormone boosts carbohydrate metabolism in muscle tissue, and in the fat tissue it enhances lipolysis (the first stage of burning fat). Caffeine increases the amount of energy essential for powering hard-working muscles. This results in noticeably improved strength, endurance and efficiency. It helps increase intensity and effectiveness of exercise and accelerate progress in exercise. Caffeine remains active in the body for a relatively long time, which is why it also has a positive effect on the process of regeneration following exercise. By activating fat metabolism, caffeine limits the degradation of glycogen, and after exercise it accelerates the process of restoring its reserves (by up to 60%).

CAFFEINE 200 PLUS contains a large amount of grapefruit extract standardised to 98% naringenin content, improving the effectiveness of caffeine supplementation. The ingredient gives citrus fruit their characteristic bitterness, but it also has other interesting properties. Scientific research has shown that in combined oral supplementation naringenin increases caffeine levels in blood by as much as 28% and prolongs its activity in the body by almost 30% as a result of a specific metabolic reaction. Naringenin also acts thermogenically, and together with caffeine activates the metabolism of fats resulting in limiting their subcutaneous accumulation and increasing the amount of available energy.

CAFFEINE 200 PLUS is an excellent formula for all physically and mentally active people who require additional encouragement and stimulation to take up new athletic and intellectual challenges. It is an excellent and concentrated replacement for coffee, tea or cola drinks, without their disadvantages and irritant side effects. The formula has a powerful energising and stimulating effect, contributes to improving exercise potential, and increases general and energy endurance.